Dalinuoer Lake Inner Mongolia (13P)

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Dalinuoer Lake, shorted in Dali Lake, means a sea-like lake. It is located in the Gongge’er Grassland in Chifeng City of Inner Mongolia. Covering about 23,800 hectares, Dali Lake is the largest lake in Chifeng City and one of the top four lakes in Inner Mongolia.

Dalinuoer Lake is one of the top inland lakes in Inner Mongolia. Titled as “hundreds of birds’ garden”, it is one of the top three swan lakes in China. The shape of this lake is like sea horse surrounded by green grassland.

There were two scenic areas in Dali Lake: one is north bank while the other is south bank.In south back area, the sites included Mantuoshan. And in north bank, the sites included water park, museum of nature and wild birds world.

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