Mount Lushan Jiangxi (87P)

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Mount Lu (Lushan) is situated about 20 kilometers due south of the city of Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, in southeastern China, not far from the borders of Hubei and Anhui Provinces. Mount Lu holds a special place in the hearts of the people of China, since it has a history as one of the country's original spiritual centers, being revered especially by Taoists and Buddhists. Zhang Daoling, the interpreter, as it were, of Taoism (the spiritual father of Taoism was Lao-tzu, but it was Zhang Daoling, more commonly referred to as Zhang Ling, who "codified" Taoism and thus brought it to a broader mass, having founded the first Taoist sect, the Tianshi Dao, or "Celestial Path" sect), practiced Taoism on Mount Lu during the Eastern Han (CE 25-220) Dynasty. Zhang Ling was also a member of the Orthodox Oneness School of Taoism, popularly called Wudoumi Dao, or "Way of Five Pecks of Rice" school of Taoism.*

Mount Lu is a typical a horst-style block mountain (a horst is a narrow section of land that lies between two faults, and which has been pushed up as a result of the tectonic pressure on it from the two, larger land blocks on either side of it). With its 12 scenic sites, its 37 special attractions and its 370 various other noteworthy sites, Mount Lu is a popular tourist destination, thanks in no small part to its many spectacular natural features that result from the mountain's horst origin, such as ravines, grottoes, rock outcroppings, mountain streams, waterfalls, etc. Mount Lu's highest peak is Dahanyang Peak, at roughly 1500 meters above sea level. Another renowned peak on Mount Lu is Five Old Men Peak, so-named because the five peaks in question all sit side by side, as it were, forming an almost straight line.

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