Ejina Dead Popular Forest Inner Mongolia (65P)

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“Guaishulin”, literally “weird forest”, here refers to the Dead Euphrates Poplar Forests in Ejina Qi ( Ejina Banner ), in the west of Inner Mongolia, China.

Unlike the autumn yellow and golden leaves of Euphrates Poplar Forests in Ejina Qi, here in Guaishulin, you will see a land of typical of  “a dead scene of a battlefield” – dead and fallen Euphrates Poplar Trees. The death of the poplar trees in the area is the result of the decrease of ground water on the arid desert.

You’d better off visiting Guaishulin in the later afternoon, so you are able to catch the magnificent view of the dark and dead scene under sunset. The sunset glow enlivens the dead scene.

Now follow me to have a glimpse of Guaishulin – the dead Euphrates Poplar Trees, 28km southwest of Eijina Qi, west of Inner Mongolia.

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