Gong Geer Grassland Inner Mongolia (32P)

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Gong Geer Grassland is located 35km to the west of the Jingpeng Town of Keshiketeng Qi (Hexigten) in Chifeng. The Gong Geer Grassland is reputed as the”Natural Garden” epitomized by the boundless pasture, numerous flowers, clear waters and roaming hordes, a picturesque grassland. Its south is linked to Dalinur Lake (Dali Lake) Nature Reserve. Gong Geer Grassland has numerous lakes of various sizes.

The Gong Geer Grassland occupies the area of 320,000 hectares, a spectrum of natural landscape, ethnic minority customs, cultural landscape, places of historical interest and grassland culture as well as  a mecca for photography fans.

Each year the time from July and August is the best period to visit Gong Geer Grassland. The boundless pasture is rife with wild flowers, crisscrossed by plentiful clear rivers and accompanied by numerous singing birds. People come here feeling as if they were in a huge natural garden, fully enjoying the boon given by the nature.

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