Hulunbuir Grassland (83P)

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The Hulunbuir Grasslands are named after the prefecture which they occupy, Hulunbuir. Hulunbuir Prefecture is in turn named after the two lakes which lie at its center, Lake Hulun to the north (the larger of the two bodies of water) and Lake Buir to the south.

Almost all of Hulunbuir Prefecture lies on the flat Mongolian Plateau, which is a loess plateau that is significantly more fertile than the average clay-and-sand grassland. Though the plateau has no defining ravines, gorges, or valleys - and hardly any mountains with the exception of Greater Daxinggan Mountain and Castle Peak - it abounds in lakes. The Mongolian Plateau has over a thousand lakes, large and small. With its fertile "fields" of endless grass dotted here and there with herds of cattle, sheep and goats, and the occasional conglomeration of yurts, and with its vast open skies above, the Hulunbuir Grasslands are the poster image of unspoiled nature.

A close-up look at the grass reveals a myriad of colorful wildflowers that bloom each year during the short summer season. The blue expanse of Lake Hunlun vies with the verdant expanse of the grasslands, further amplifying the beauty of this unique piece of nature.

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